As an outgrowth of continued participation in the Rhinoceros newsgroups on topics of interest to the marine industry and drawing on 35 years of experience designing vessels of all types, BaseLine Technology has prepared a series of tutorials concerning the subject of modeling hulls and superstructures in Rhinoceros. These tutorials take the user, step by step, through the processes needed to create high-quality models, suitable for CAM, analysis, rendering, further design and presentation to clients.

These tutorials have just (April, 2018) undergone a complete review and revision to suit market demands and compatibility with Rhinoceros 6.0. 

Please note: The user of these tutorials is assumed to have basic knowledge of Rhinoceros operation up to the equivalency of the Rhino Level 1 training course. To access the Level 1 material, Click Help>Learn Rhino>Tutorials and samples.

If you don't have that level of proficiency, you may still be able to complete these tutorials, but it is strongly recommended that you do those Level 1 tutorials or take the Level 1 course at your Rhinoceros Training Center, first and then do these tutorials.

The models being used as examples in the tutorials are those shown below.

Clicking on each of the images below will bring up the Front Page and Table of Contents for that tutorial.  Note: the two "simple" hulls do not include tables of contents.

Topics covered

  • Lofting existing vessels from Designer's Lines
  • Designing new vessels (from scratch)
  • Lofting developable surfaces and "unrolling" the plates
  • Lofting Superstructures
  • Lofting masts
  • Lofting decks and bulwarks
  • Creating fully-molded hulls from a single flat surface
Modeling in Rhinoceros only